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Mia Khalifa Punches The Guy On The Face As He Tries To Take Selfie

When you have a huge fan following and people are crazy after you, it’s difficult to avoid people in the crowd. Celebrities often have private guards with them to stop people from coming too close to them but people still try and cross the limits to come and meet them. It’s not that the celebrities don’t want to meet and greet their fans. It’s just that when too many people are gathered here and there it makes it difficult for them to communicate. So they try to keep people away and stop them from gathering around. Because no one likes to be stalked all the time. Everyone wants some privacy in their individual life. Celebrities are also humans like us and they require some privacy as much as all of us do.For celebrities, it common that a random person comes close to them and tries to take a selfie without even asking the permission to do so. Same thing happened to the popular former star of the porn industry Mia Khalifa. A guy from Texas came to her and tried to take a selfie with her without asking the permission to do so. Mia Khalifa was outraged and she took her revenge but punching that guy in the face. But that guy had already taken the selfie and later on, he posted it on twitter along with the picture of bruise on his face because Mia punched her right in the face.CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BELOW:

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